The places to explore in Vietnam “not skipped”

Vietnam is known as a country with scenic spots. Below are the top great places to explore in Vietnam that the tourist doesn’t skip.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long is known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Nowhere in the world has a unique landscape like Ha Long Bay with majestic mountains rising above the sea, creating a space that is both majestic and immense.
Coming to Ha Long Bay, visitors will enjoy sightseeing on a yacht, swimming in clear blue water, and enjoying local food. The peak season to travel to Ha Long is in the summer from June to August.
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Hanoi city
Hanoi city is the capital of Vietnam. This place is not only an administrative center but also a great place to explore historical culture. Coming to Hanoi, visitors will visit historical relics, and museums and listen to legendary stories about this land.
In the fall, visitors to Hanoi will enjoy a cool, gentle atmosphere. The foliage dyes the roads yellow, and the weather is not too hot. The best time to travel to Hanoi is from September to December.
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Sapa is a small town located in the north of Vietnam. This is a place with majestic scenery rolling mountains and cool air. If you come to Sapa in the spring, you will admire plum and peach gardens blooming in pink and white colors. If you go to Sapa in the summer, the entire mountains and forests are dyed yellow by the color of ripe rice. This is a definite place you should go when traveling to Vietnam

Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh is a complex with surprisingly beautiful natural scenery due to the majesty of the mountains and hills and the immensity of the quiet river surface. There are many famous places in Ninh Binh such as Trang An with its mountains and winding rivers, Tam Coc with its golden rice fields, Phat Diem Stone Cathedral – a French architectural work and National Park Cuc Phuong – home to many species of creatures.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Cave
Unesco recognized Ke Bang National Park as a World Natural Heritage in 2003. In addition, Phong Nha Cave was also voted by the British Royal Society as the most beautiful cave in the world because it met the criteria: The cave has a high and wide entrance; has the most beautiful sandy beaches and reefs; has the most beautiful underground river; has the most magical and magnificent stalactite system; There are high and wide dry caves; There is a deep and beautiful underground lake; has the longest country.

Da Nang – Hoi An
Da Nang is an outstanding destination in central Vietnam, where visitors can relax in modern resorts and 5-star hotels with beautiful, poetic beaches. Near Da Nang is the ancient town of Hoi An, a place of quiet, ancient beauty with rows of bright yellow ancient houses, bright pink bougainvillea flowers, and traditional handicrafts.

Da Lat
Da Lat is known as a dreamy city, with thousands of brilliant flowers but also full of nature’s love. Tourists can find a rare sense of peace when coming here

Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is always famous for its hospitable, warm, and lovely people. In addition, this place also has a quite typical river culture.

Phu Quoc island
With its location near the southernmost tip of the country, Phu Quoc still has a wild beauty with blue beaches, white sand, and casuarina trees whispering in the wind. It is an ideal vacation destination because the “breath” and “pure life” of nature itself will help you heal the fatigue in life.
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